13 – Bold and Brave

Fearless Faith — Sometimes we can be a little shy about our faith, and fear of what others will think of us looms like a giant along our path. But just as little David’s faith in God gave him the boldness to face giant Goliath, God can give us the courage, boldness and joy to stand up for our faith! Join Cherub and Chubby in this entertainingly heroic episode that encourages each one of us to be a bold and brave follower of God’s Son!

• “Tiny Little Ant” – a musical object lesson that highlights the importance of looking up to God.
• “My Refuge and My Strength” – a power-packed scripture song.
• “The Courageous King!” – a story about the bravery of Jesus.
• “God’s Hall of Fame” – a who’s who music video of some of God’s courageous heroes.