10 – And It Was So

In this episode of Cherub Wings, a rousing space-chase in cherub chariots topple Cherub and Chubby into an awesome awareness of God’s mighty power! Children will see the ultimate act of forgiveness in the crucifixion and will marvel at the power of God in the resurrection. They will learn that by accepting Jesus’ gift of … Read more

11 – Shine Your Light

Before Jesus left the earth, He commissioned His children to carry on His work by telling as many people as they could about Him. But how exactly can this be done? In this program, Cherub and Chubby help children explore practical ways to let God’s light shine in their hearts so they can share the … Read more

12 – The King’s Castle

Our Hearts As Christ’s Home — Keeping a clean and tidy home is very important, but there is another house that everyone has—which needs just as much care and attention. In their own humorous and light-hearted way, Cherub and Chubby help children to understand that keeping their hearts clean and pure is just as important … Read more

13 – Bold and Brave

Fearless Faith — Sometimes we can be a little shy about our faith, and fear of what others will think of us looms like a giant along our path. But just as little David’s faith in God gave him the boldness to face giant Goliath, God can give us the courage, boldness and joy to … Read more

14 – Little Heroes!

This program teaches children about respecting others and showing kindness and courtesy. How often we pass by the store clerk, the street sweeper, the tired waitress and other service people without a second glance or even a show of gratitude. Yet Jesus said, “The way you have treated others is the way you have treated … Read more

15 – Choices, Choices!

Tackling temptation by choosing God’s best. This episode teaches children the benefits of heeding the Bible and praying when faced with difficult choices. Filled with fun stories, songs and object lessons this program points us in the right direction. This episode includes:• “The Temptation in the Wilderness”: an animated presentation of Jesus’ triumph over Satan.• … Read more