Songs to Live By

A fun-filled hour of the very best kid music videos from the popular “Cherub Wings” animated series. Your children will enjoy this musical and visual extravaganza while learning to apply Biblical principles at the same time!

Each song is preceded by a Bible verse with a short application. Children will learn important principles about: Respect, getting along with others, forgiveness, responsibility, prayer, obedience to God and much more!

“Songs to Live By” is a great way for children to learn scripture!

Song included: (from Episodes 1-14)

  1. Heaven’s Troopers
  2. If Jesus Came to your House
  3. Heart of Gold
  4. The Tiny Little Ant
  5. Shout and Sing
  6. How Many Times Shall I Forgive?
  7. King of Heartland
  8. Little Missionary
  9. Cool to School
  10. God’s Hall of Fame
  11. One by One
  12. And It Was So
  13. I Can Forgive
  14. It’s Best to Obey
  15. Crazy
  16. Do Unto Others
  17. The Thank You Song
  18. Little Sparrow
  19. Jesus Is Calling
  20. With You Always